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"The Republic"
A review of the way in which Plato answers his questions in "The Republic."
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Published on Mar 20, 2008 in Literature (Greek and Roman) , Philosophy (Ancient Greek) , English (Analysis)

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This paper analyzes one of the most influential works in Western philosophy, "The Republic", written by the ancient philosopher Plato. The paper shows how Plato attempts to answer the questions of what is justice in the State, what an ideal state would be like and to characterize what makes an individual just. The paper briefly looks at the fundamental flaw in Plato's just society - that of lack of individuality.

From the Paper:

"Plato, speaking through Socrates in The Republic, suggests that a just state must possess the four great virtues: courage, wisdom, temperance and justice and that justice is the result of a soul that is in harmony and is content. Socrates argues that each segment of a city has special abilities and the best state will be one in which the wisest members are put forth and allowed to rule the state. Socrates describes three levels of innate abilities that should determine who should do what in this just society. The most intelligent, or the wisest, should be the Guardians. The guardian's posses the virtue of wisdom which would enable them to determine what is best for the state. The most courageous in the society would be the soldiers since the virtue of courage would best be used to strengthen and shore up the wisdom. Craftsmen and artisans posses temperance and are thus suited to serve society. The role of reason is best determined by the guardians of the society since Socrates believes that craftsmen do not posses adequate reasoning skills and therefore it is up to the wise to determine what is best."

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