The Rational Actor and His Wallet Analytical Essay by scribbler

The Rational Actor and His Wallet
A critique of the rational actor model in light of today's trend towards globalization and a world trading empire.
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This paper intends to demonstrate that the rational actor model is an overly simplistic model of foreign policy decision-making and this is due to the assumption that a state is a unitary monolithic actor. The paper analyzes the rationality of the actors, state and individual, especially with regard to the best role model for global integration, the EU. The paper finds that the EU, for all of its faults, is probably the greatest diplomatic achievement of modern times; ballots have largely replaced bullets in deciding the fate of the continent. The paper asserts that while the rational actor theory is ridiculously simple, perhaps the path to society's stability and an international order of peace is satisfying citizens' material needs.

From the Paper:

"To critique Allison empirically, are we to believe that the gods of war have suddenly become kinder and gentler Hegelians and that thesis, antithesis and synthesis on the battlefield had somehow become regularized and tamed via a Cold War model? Had hotlines that connect Presidents, Status of Forces Agreements and tense but polite exchanges between guards at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin somehow averted the apocalypse? Or were we just incredibly lucky that time that Kennedy did not finger the football (the suitcase with the nuclear launch codes) more aggressively during his Cuban quarterbacking? Or was it just that he was reading the Guns of August and decided to stand back from the nuclear precipice and talk to Premier Khrushchev instead of shooting? Instead, the President had stayed up at night reading and became the biggest fan of Barbara Tuchman and had impressed its lessons upon his cabinet and military staff to combat military drift (Glover 214)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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