The Potential Pitfalls of Governance within Government Analytical Essay

The Potential Pitfalls of Governance within Government
An examination of the benefits and detriments of governance within government.
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This paper focuses on the growing trend within government to utilize governance to provide public services to the public. The paper opines that this trend has some potential benefits to society, such as cost reduction and the heightened efficiency in disseminating public services; however, these benefits are outweighed by its detriments. The paper explains that these potential problems include the lack of oversight and accountability, as well as the shedding of much needed jobs. The paper goes on to assert that, through the use of governance, government has the potential to bypass the law of the land that is the U.S. Constitution; moreover, the paper adds, the union of the private and government could prevent government from being held accountable for impinging on the rights of its people, and reduce the ability of all U.S. citizens to participate in what is supposed to be a democracy. The paper concludes that if the use of governance by government reduces the general citizenry's ability to partake in government, therein lies the probability for mass public discontent; the less government uses governance, the more it upholds the U.S. Constitution and prevents public outrage.

From the Paper:

"Although it can be argued that the creation of a public private partnership or PPP's could lower cost and increase efficiency within government, there is also a possibility that it can create a less favorable outcome. In fact, instead of cutting cost and efficiency, there lies the latent "possibility of PPP's contributing to price increases in public or municipal services, a decline in the quality of....goods and services...[as well as] private sector monopoly or corruption" (Binza, 2008, p.308). There is also the potentiality that the use of public private partnerships could change the role that government plays is American society. It has been observed that "public-private partnerships, and a variety of other interactions with the private sector...move government away from its role as the central source of the [dissemination of values] for the society"(Rethinking Public Administration, 1998, p.224).Public private partnerships could also contribute to the lack of accountability that the use of governance could foster."

Sample of Sources Used:

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