The Persian Gulf War 1990-1991 Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Persian Gulf War 1990-1991
This paper discuses the Persian Gulf war, the reasons it came about and the Untied states involvement.
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This essay on the Gulf war opens with a section on why America became involved in the first place. It sites the issues with Kuwait and Iraq and also what it sees as obscured reasons, like protecting the world's oil supply. The next section discusses political pressures in the United states as well as abroad. It continues on to look at President Bush and how the gulf war affected his presidency.

Why America Became Involved in the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
Political Pressures
The President
How the Persian Gulf War Affected His Presidency
Political Realities During 1990-1991

From the Paper:

"Other than the "official" reasons for the Persian Gulf War, there were a couple of others. One was to protect the world's oil supply. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait combined control roughly 30% of that supply. The region contained 65% of the known petroleum reserves in the non-Communist world. Nearly 30 percent of Western Europe's oil imports originated from the Gulf--approximately 65% of Japan's. For the United States, in late 1989, the figure for imports as part of petroleum consumption climbed to 52%, with around 18 percent of those imports--or nine percent of total consumption --coming from the Gulf producers. There was no way the U.S. or the U.N. coalition was going to have the supply threatened (Joyner).
Also, security considerations as they applied to ensuring access to wellheads, and securing routes to refineries and consumers were critical. The need existed to protect sea lines of communication to and from the Gulf (Joyner)."

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