The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict within International Law Analytical Essay by johnnyoutsmart

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict within International Law
Examines this Middle Eastern conflict within the realm of international law.
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This paper argues that the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, in itself, is not irresolvable. International law clearly provides the means for settling the issue; Israel and Palestine should both recognize the other's right to existence and security, and pre-1967 borders, with no exceptions, should be respected. The paper argues that were we living in an international community in which international relations were determined by the just application of the law, the conflict may have been resolved. However, since we are living in an international community in which international relations are determined by force and power, the conflict is constantly becoming more and more critical because one side to the conflict has been given the power to disregard the law, while the other has been denied the protection of the law. The paper shows that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not, therefore, examined in this research in order to argue a solution, but as a means of exposing, in the author's opinion, the true face of international relations as governed by the law of force and power.

From the Paper:

"At the very start of the occupation, that is in 1967, Israel admitted that it was an "occupying force." A few years later, Israel insisted that it had to continue its occupation of Arab Palestinian lands until a final peace treaty was signed. Meanwhile, Israel began to establish Jewish settlements, or what can be defined as small Jewish villages, on the Arab lands. To justify doing so, contrary to international law which prohibited an occupier from establishing settlements on occupied territories, Israel stated that these territories were "of strategic importance to its defense," and therefore, "land would be expropriated for settlements that would serve Israeli security interests." At this point, Israel stated that the status of these occupied lands would be negotiated over in the final peace settlement."

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