The Overmedication of Society Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Overmedication of Society
An exploration of the causes and effects of society's over-reliance on medication for every ailment.
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This paper explains that society's dependence on pills and medications is fueled by our desire to find the easiest and quickest way out of problems instead of simply living a healthy lifestyle. The paper explores the specific causes of society's overmedication, which involve greedy and misleading drug companies, inattentive and disinterested doctors, and uninformed patients and caregivers. The paper focuses on the lack of monitoring of dosage and drug interactions in elderly and in children. The paper emphasizes that patients should maintain healthy lifestyles by eating right and exercising more with the understanding that we cannot fix every ailment with a pill.

From the Paper:

"Our society prides itself on being quick and efficient - we order lunch while sitting in our cars at fast food restaurants, and we do our shopping on the internet and have our orders sent directly to our front doors. This need for immediate gratification carries over into the medical industry as well. Medication is available for every ailment and many times proves to be the quick fix that both patients and doctors want and need. Often times a patient has been struggling with a condition for years, only to learn that one tiny pill can make that condition bearable or possibly even cure it. This is the miracle of the science and an amazing benefit of our advanced technological knowledge. But the excitement over a "miracle cure" can cause both doctors and patients to overlook the negative effects of medication, and too many tablet-sized phenomena combined can cause unexpected and fatal outcomes."

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