"The Odyssey": Challenges of Consciousness and Individuality Analytical Essay by noripj

"The Odyssey": Challenges of Consciousness and Individuality
Examines the alternative lifestyles that are presented to Odysseus in this work by Homer, and why he turns them down.
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Published on Dec 13, 2005 in Literature (Greek and Roman) , English (Analysis)

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"The Odyssey" is a struggle between the temptations of the primitive forces of absorption and the quest for personal and emotional wholeness, which, for Odysseus, can only be obtained by returning to his home in Ithaca. This paper shows how Odysseus turns down a variety of alternative lifestyles, not because they lack appeal, but because they seem to threaten the integrity of his spiritual and intellectual existence; by persistently seeking home, Odysseus refuses to compromise his consciousness and individuality for the enjoyment of worldly gain and physical gratification.

Paper Outline:
A Few Assumptions
Land of the Lotus Eaters
Aeaea and the Magical Nymph Circe
The House of the Dead
Ogygia and the goddess Calypso
Phaeacia and Nausicaa

From the Paper:

"Many scholars assert that the Odyssey is "a logical progression in the moral and social education of the hero" (Taylor 87). From this perspective, Odysseus must overcome hardship and learn from his adventures in order to be fit to return to Ithaca and the challenges that lie therein. Such arguments are often engaging when examined in the context of individual events, but Odysseus nevertheless remains "a fixed personality" (Whitman 296): he is equipped from the beginning to overcome adversity; he is steadfast in his determination to return home; and, unlike Achilles, he "experiences no division of the will" (Taylor 87). Homer provides a series of spectacular adventures-not to depict the progressive development of his central character, but to reveal the nature of a protagonist that is already developed."

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