The Medium is Still The Message Analytical Essay by TUESDAY

Looks at the way that Marshall McLuhan's famous statement, made in 1964 that "the medium is the message" is still applicable today.
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This paper explains that, when Marshall McLuhan wrote in 1964, "the medium is the message", he was talking about the power of the media to cause all kinds of changes from the individual to society. Next, the author applies McLuhan's theory to the current state of the media, especially television and the Internet, and demonstrates the kind of power that the media has over the world. The paper concludes that media will continue to provide a captivating insight into societal trends and changes and to be a historical guide and a tool to shape the future.

From the Paper:

"Mass media is not the only form of media that this philosophy applies to, but it is easy to understand what McLuhan meant by studying it specifically. For example, television is controlled by only a handful of media conglomerates, all of which are primarily motivated by profits, which is to be expected in a capitalist system. Since they control what content is broadcast nationally, it is logical that what they produce and broadcast would be in their favor; that is, it would influence public opinion in the favor of capitalism and corporations. This doesn't mean they are engaging in a national conspiracy or that this is even conscious and intentional; only that the mainstream perspectives being presented will rarely, if ever, challenge that which produces it in a manner that could threaten its existence.
"Due to social inequity, the largest corporations in America are run almost entirely by wealthy white men of a certain age group. This affects the content they produce; whether conscious or not, one's life experiences, including social class, race, and gender, inform their perspectives and choices. On a wide scale, this has unintended consequences such as reinforcing current social structures, as these are social structures that directly benefit the creators of this media content."

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