The Media's Role in the Iraq War Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Media's Role in the Iraq War
An exploration of the media's coverage and manipulation of the war in Iraq.
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The paper explores the role of the media in the US intervention in Iraq and examines the impact that the media has on US government tactics. The paper illustrates how the media has been able to control and influence the global perception of the war in Iraq. The paper clearly shows how the media is now an important non-state party in the global affairs and has tremendous influence on the overall flow of information within the global community. The paper concludes by noting the need to redesign not only the legal rule of engagement but also the legal extent of the media's intervention on reporting the incidents and strategies of an ongoing war.

Role of Media in the US intervention in Iraq

From the Paper:

"The role of the media is critical in nearly every walk of life now because of its expanse especially in the last decade. The media has grown into such a powerful tool of communication and influence that it has now become an integral part of the wars that are being fought e.g. the War on Terror or the US intervention in Iraq. The reason behind the media being such an integral part of the international wars is because the world is now a global village where to preserve the right image and intentions in fighting or winning a war it is important to win the opinions and the support of the global community. Even though most media outlets aim to present both sides of the story, many journalists agree that the pattern has always been the formation of an opinion that is inclined towards one side more so then the other."

Sample of Sources Used:

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