The Management of China's Economy Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Management of China's Economy
An essay on management and reform in China's economy.
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This essay provides an analysis of China's economy and and the management that has been enacted to help promote various market changes. The essay describes a process by which business leaders in China used examples from western style leadership to reform the market system. It provides an overview of the transition and examples to changes that were made.

Changes in the System
Impacts on Management
Financing Constraints
Triangular Relationship
State Domination and Financial Markets

From the Paper:

"A shift towards public financing for these firms will bring a triangular relationship into play with respect to Chinese business management. Private firms will need to adopt management styles more in line with the expectations of shareholders. This will bring managerial practice of private enterprise back towards that of the 2/3 privatized firms. At the same time, the 2/3 privatized firms and even some of the remaining public firms are in a position where they need to attract foreign investment, a situation exacerbated by the current economic crisis.
"The needs of the internal investing community are different than the needs of the domestic investing community. Profit is the defining motive for both, but whereas the domestic investors are willing to take a controlling role in a firm in order to protect their investment, investors in the international community prefer legal system protect their wealth. Failures such as Asia Aluminum will therefore push foreign investors to demand that their interests are as protected as the interests of domestic investors. This leads to a situation where the economic reforms are being pulled towards the development of private enterprise; private enterprise management will move towards a more traditional type of management; and in the partially-privatized firms management will take on aspects of both the international style and the fully-private style."

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