"The Long Telegram" by George Kennan Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

"The Long Telegram" by George Kennan
An analysis of the "Long Telegram", a work of anti- Communism propaganda by George Kennan.
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The paper analyzes how this telegram, a primary source from the period, effectively predicted part of the Cold War. The paper explains the content of "The Long Telegram" and discusses how Kennan's respected position as a former Russian diplomat might have served to promote the Cold War even as his "Long Telegram" predicted it. The paper examines how Sections Three and Four show that Kennan had an excellent grasp of both the United States and Russia that allowed him to predict how the conditions of the United States and Russia would lead to the inevitable end.

The Content of "The Long Telegram"
"The Long Telegram" and the Cold War

From the Paper:

"George Kennan was an American diplomat who had lived and worked in Russia for most of the early part of his career. He originally took the position at the close of the Russian Civil War, meaning that he was in a prime location to witness the earliest impact of Communism on the Russian citizens. Stalin's "Terror" he determined, was aptly named and the process of collectivization he felt worked to destroy the people of Russia.
"When Kennan was ordered to leave Russia at the first inklings of the Iron Curtain and the Pax Sovieta, he started writing "The Sources of Soviet Conduct" as a means of addressing what he believed would occur in the course of active Communism. He used "The Sources of Soviet Conduct" to address and examine what he believed to be the earliest format of Russian threat. In addition, this article was designed to be easily accessible for non- politicians, and was widely received by the American public. Some historians see the wide publication of "The Sources of Soviet Conduct" as the foundation of anti- Communism in the United States."

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