The Life and Death of a One-Billion Dollar Gun Law Analytical Essay by Hamlet

The Life and Death of a One-Billion Dollar Gun Law
Examines the gun law legislature in Canada under the supervision of Justice Minister Allan Rock and outlines the flaws in the government program.
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The Canadian gun law legislature of 1995 was doomed to failure before it was even introduced. The paper argues that the program was not set up properly to provide an efficient method of procurring registration for the owners of firearms, as well as independent firearms themselves. The paper shows that many of the modern world's governments exercise their ability to place a cap on the weapon power that the average citizen may keep in their possession, especially in North America and Europe. Since Canada has historically used peaceful methods to work out disagreements, it is no surprise that there is such strong control over weapons within its borders. The paper argues that, ignoring whether this control is right or wrong, the Canadia government made a mistake when it brought in a program that cost tax payers 340 times what was projected. It argues that the government, therefore, needs to abolish the act and start from scratch.

From the Paper:

"The Canadian government, the historical development of which was legislative rather than violent takes a different viewpoint on the issue of civilian gun possession. Canada does not regard the right to bear arms as necessary for the prevention of the loss of other rights, but rather views firearms as a legitimate possession for recreational purposes. While firearms used for sport, hunting, and target practice, specifically ordinary rifles and shotguns are generally considered legal, the new registration program, which was mentioned previously as introduced in 1995 requires gun owners to go through a lengthy, painstaking, and complicated process to properly register a weapon. The goal of this new program was to limit as much as possible criminal access to firearms and thus preventing crimes against innocent citizens."

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