The Instability of Afghanistan Analytical Essay by Nicky

An analysis of the instable political and economic situation in Afghanistan.
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The paper explains why political stability and economic prosperity are not realistic long-term objectives for Afghanistan. The paper looks at the impediments to economic growth in Afghanistan and discusses the dependence on opium poppy production and the lack of political stability. Next, the paper compares the state-building efforts in Afghanistan with those in Iraq and the Balkans and shows how Afghanistan's situation is unique among recent post-conflict nation-building efforts. The paper also discusses how Afghanistan's power vacuum allows for terrorist networks to operate, and therefore, winning the war on terrorism means establishing political stability and economic prosperity. Finally, the paper examines the collaboration between states, international organizations and NGOs in the pursuit of post-conflict stabilization in Afghanistan.

From the Paper:

"The problem with poppy production is mainly political. If the global economy is based on specialization of labor, then the role of Afghanistan in a truly free market is to produce opium and heroin. That these products are illegal is a political issue. Were these products not illegal, supply from other parts of the world may increase, lowering prices and causing Afghanis to diversify their economic base somewhat. Alternately, the Afghans could make all of their money on opiate production, and use drug profits to purchase food and consumer goods. In either case, the current political climate regarding the most valuable of Afghanistan's commercial crops is an impediment to economic growth in the nation."

Sample of Sources Used:

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