The Impact of Airport Security Analytical Essay by Nicky

An examination of the impact of airport security measures on airlines and consumers.
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The paper explores the new measures that are in place post 9/11 and the repercussions both for passengers as well as the airline industry. The paper addresses passengers' wait in long lines, pat down searches, baggage bottlenecks and the continuously changing carry-on restrictions. The paper reaches the conclusion that it is a formidable task for the airline industry to balance stringent security requirements with consumer convenience.

Airport Security (A Sweeping Change)
Passenger Screening
Baggage Screening
Impact on Passengers

From the Paper:

"The TSA (Transport security administration) has dramatically improved the security operations in our airports. From 16,200 security screeners prior to Sep 11, the number of TSA screeners increased to 56,000 by the end of 2002 with almost 55% of them in charge of passenger screening. Several surveys have indicated passengers feel safer and more comfortable with the TSA federal security screeners than the private screeners who were in place prior to 9/11. [Garrick, 2005] The recent introduction of 'Whole body scanning ' machines for instance, has increased popularity among the travelers who choose this option in lieu of the regular 'pat down' search. Also this technology works faster (15 and 30 seconds) helping to speed up the security clearance process and reduce the wait time for passengers. Kristin Lee the spokesperson of TSA says, "over 99 percent of passengers choose this technology over other screening options,". [Jessica Ravitz] However, privacy advocates such as EPIC and American Civil Liberties Union caution that the potential of misuse of such whole body imaging devices cannot be ignored. As Coney, an advocate with EPIC says, "What they're showing you now is a dumbed-down version of what this technology is capable of doing," she said. "Having blurry images shouldn't blur the issue.". The same issue was raised by Chris Calabrese, a lawyer with the ACLU who feels that "Screeners at LAX [Los Angeles International Airport] could make a fortune off naked virtual images of celebrities." [Jessica Ravitz]"

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