The Image of God in Man: "Man created in God Image" Analytical Essay

The Image of God in Man: "Man created in God Image"
Attempts to explicate the meaning of the v rs s of G n s s (1:26-27).
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Published on Jul 11, 2013 in Religion and Theology (Christianity)

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In this paper, the writer examines and analyzes the meaning of the verses in Genesis that say that man was created in God's image. The paper quotes a variety of biblical philosophers to help readers gain a better understanding of God's image and the notion of mirroring God, mentally, morally, and socially . The evolution of this notion over the ages is also examined and analyzed in detail. The paper is written from the Christian perspective.

Table of Contents:
Understanding the Image of God
Mirroring God
A Social Image of God
The International Theological Commission
The Evolutionary Challenge of Altruism
The Dawn of Ethics
Genetic Dominance
Room for Real Altruism

From the Paper:

"A for most xodus from th tr d t on l compr h nd ng of th m g of God n hum n ty s b ng const tu nt of th hum n m k up pp r d w th Luth r wh n h mph s z d th t b ng m d n God's m g w s not hum n own rsh p or hum n const tu nt. It w s mor conn ct on b tw n hum n cr tur s nd th r d v n cr tor, wh r by th y could " m g " or r fl ctor th d v n b ng. Th s gn f c nc w s th t b ng m d n God's l k n ss w s pr c r ous poss ss on: f hum ns w r to turn w y from oppos t God, s th y d d n s nn ng, th n th y would stop to cont mpl t God, nd God's m g would stop to l v n th m, s occurr d, s ss rt d by Luth r, unt l t m ght b r furb sh d n Chr st."

Sample of Sources Used:

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