The Hydraulic Societies of the Ancient World Analytical Essay by Spirittalk

The Hydraulic Societies of the Ancient World
Looks at the rise and decline of the hydraulic societies of in the ancient Middle East and Asia.
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This paper explains that the development of irrigation for agriculture required substantial centralized control by the society, which resulted in the development of a managerial state with a political power base and a prevailing religion. These hydraulic societies, the author reports, existed along the river valleys of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Hebrews, China, India and Iran during the years between 1,500 and 330 B. C. E. The paper reviews the history of the hydraulic societies of Mesopotamia to year 1,500 B.C.E., Egypt from 3,000 to 900, the ancient Hebrews in Canaan to 800, China from 2,000 to 221, India from 2,000 to 200 and Iran to 330 (all dates are B.C.E.).

Table of Contents:
The Rise of Hydraulic Civilization
Mesopotamia: to 1500 B. C. E.
Egypt: 3000-900 B. C. E.
Hebrews: 800 B. C. E.
China: 2000-221 B. C. E.
India: 2000-200 B. C. E.
Iran: to 330 B. C. E.

From the Paper:

"The Nile River presented Egypt with a relatively reliable resource of irrigation, transportation, and commerce; however, Egypt required laborers. Canaan, conversely, was primarily irrigated by precipitation and that was not labor intensive with regard to creating a society. Many of the problems that occurred were related to droughts that took place periodically. Unlike the nations that emerged in areas that had a reliable source of water, the ancient Hebrews usually existed as nomads in the wilderness and much like the present day Bedouins."

Sample of Sources Used:

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