The Holy Spirit discussed in the Gospel of John. Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Holy Spirit discussed in the Gospel of John.
This paper discusses the refinement of and infinite splintering of sects devoted to the teaching of Christ.
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In this paper, the writer begins by discussing from where much of our understanding of the life of Jesus is derived and how the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke confirm this. The author then begins an in-depth discussion of the Book of John and introduces us to an early form of Christianity denoted as Johannine and explains the differences in its language, approach and focus from the other Gospels. The author concludes by briefly discussing how the Jews stand out as a group within the Johannine perspective.

From the Paper:

"The first three of these are known as the synoptic gospels, so-called for providing the canonical basis for the synopsis of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, including the miracles which he commanded and the revolutionary actions which he performed. Typically, these are grouped together in their adherence to certain versions of events. Though marked with specific points of diversion in their separate tellings of the happenings which would foment the spread of Christian belief, ''there is enough sustained agreement between the sequence of sayings & deeds that Matthew, Mark & Luke ascribe to Jesus to convince most scholars that the story-line of these gospels comes from the same text.'' (Smith, 4) In their reconstruction of the story, these gospels serve as testimonial to the ideology which Jesus Christ of Nazareth would introduce to the world, using the events of his life and his martyrdom as demonstrations of the nature of faith.
The Gospel of John, which would become the basis of an early form of Christianity denoted as Johannine, differs from the other gospels in its language, approach and focus."

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