The Fall of the Roman Empire Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Fall of the Roman Empire
This paper examines whether the fall of the Roman Empire heralded a true 'Dark Age'.
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In this article, the writer looks at the fall of the Roman Empire and maintains that the center of the world power shifted, and was taken away from the authority of Rome and shifted eastward. The writer discusses that the Roman Empire did not so much 'fall,' but was divided and then fragmented into a series of parts. This fragmentation would eventually sow the seeds of feudalism, the system of governance that eventually replaced Roman Imperial rule.The writer concludes that while much was lost, if the Roman Empire had continued to exist, life may have become even darker, for far longer, and Christian art and ideology were critical components of the Renaissance's cultural developments, not only pagan antiquity.

From the Paper:

"Conventional historical suggests that the fall of the Roman Empire created a 'Dark Age' for the world. This suggests an age of ignorance, but learning did flourish in some pockets of the former empire, particularly in monasteries. However, the early Christians, after years of persecution by Rome, had a strong level of hostility towards the learning of pagan antiquity, now that they had come to power in so many regions of the world. Many documents and buildings from classical Greek and Roman antiquity were destroyed or left to disintegrate. But as well as intolerance, this was also due to a lack of institutional support for the arts and architecture, also due to the fall of Roman central authority. Thus the subsequent age after the fall appears dark because the fragmented political structure allowed for little lasting cultural developments to flourish, and was marked by the dominant of societies that did not emphasize written language, or had no means to create monumental, lasting structures that still stand today."

Sample of Sources Used:

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