The Duke in "Measure for Measure" Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

The Duke in "Measure for Measure"
An analysis of Act V, Scene I of Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure."
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This paper discusses how William Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" addresses the proper nature of rulers and other persons who hold power. The paper looks at the duke and the concept of grace to show how the person in power was expected to behave in certain ways, to show some caution and always a sense of fairness or justice when learning of the actions or troubles of others. The paper discusses how the ruler is shown to be no ordinary person and how grace was a very important concept of the time. The paper includes a reference as a footnote to the paper.

From the Paper:

"The notes that are found in the volume consulted explain the importance of the Christian idea of grace in Shakespeare's time and in the time that is described in Measure for Measure. Angelo is saying that the grace of the duke can easily be seen. It is like 'divine power' because it cannot be avoided. The idea is that Angelo wants to explain his case honestly and clearly because the duke is obviously alert to the nature of people and will understand what has happened to make Angelo's life so complicated. There is some quality in the duke that makes his good mind and grace evident to others. Grace might be meaning fairness and a wish to know what is true, in this instance. When Angelo says that he only wants to account for his actions as a kind of confession, he is making a compliment to the duke by suggesting that the duke's wisdom cannot be avoided. The duke by his example of grace is perhaps able to give some grace to a person who has sinned and is willing to take some responsibility for his actions by stating truthfully what he did and what he did not do."

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