The Doomed Love of Romeo and Juliet Analytical Essay by expresswriter

The Doomed Love of Romeo and Juliet
An analysis of how Romeo and Juliet's love was doomed from the start in Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet".
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Published on May 04, 2015 in Literature (English)

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"The tale of Romeo and Juliet is truly a tragic and doomed one. The term doomed implies that the two were consigned to demise. The two lovers enthrall the audience in their narrative of duplicity and misfortune. The intensity of the love between the two characters captivates the audience in such a strong manner. As is easy as it is to applaud the intensity of the love between the two, it is clear, through various scenes and conversations that the star-crossed lovers were fated from the beginning. The background, as well as the atmosphere in which the two lovers are introduced to does not provides a healthy environment to nurture their love. Consequently, the decisions made by the characters lead to their heartbreak and death. The perception of fate in the narrative plays a pertinent role because Shakespeare uses it to demonstrate the inevitability of death for the two characters. In this regard, the love between Romeo and Juliet was doomed from the beginning.
"Romeo and Juliet's star-crossed love is destined to fail. From the story's tart, the audience is introduced to the couple's fate. In the prologue, the chorus refers to the couple as starcrossed lovers, implying that the tragic fate of the two was already sealed by 'the fearful passage of their death-marked love'. The plot of the play places emphasis on the power of fate, that evn though the two know their fate, they cannot change it in any way. Before attending the party, Romeo expresses his presentiment of doom and portrays how fate manipulates the people of Verona at the time by saying, "I fear too early; for my mind misgives/ Some consequence yet hanging in the stars / shall bitterly begin this fearful date" (1.4. 114-115). Romeo already foresees the negative events that will affect his life forever. In the end, his suspicions are confirmed when both couples suffer as a result of their love and devotion for each other. Similarly Juliet has premonitions of Rome lying in a tomb, which is how Romeo dies in the end."

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