The Death Penalty for Premeditated Murder. Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

The Death Penalty for Premeditated Murder.
A discussion regarding the for and against arguments surrounding the issue of the death penalty.
# 88954 | 675 words | 3 sources | 2006 | US

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This paper discusses the death penalty as a deterrent for potential murderers, especially in the case of second premeditated murder. The paper also takes a look at those wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit, who sat on Death Row. This paper further discusses the moral dilemma of the death penalty from a US and Canadian perspective.

From the Paper:

"The death penalty is morally acceptable in cases of premeditated murder, and especially, a second premeditated murder, if evidence confirms guilt. People opposed to the death penalty, in moral terms, often state the possibility of the wrong person being convicted of a serious crime. This can occur, as in several well-publicized cases of persons to serve many years in prison who were, later, found innocent. Several of the American states that have the death penalty feature dozens of persons on Death Row, awaiting appeals, or results of new evidence, and with some discovered to be not guilty as charged."

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