The Constitution vs. Racial Profiling: The Knock-out Round Analytical Essay by Ray

The Constitution vs. Racial Profiling: The Knock-out Round
Explores constitutional issues in racial profiling and discrimination in the wake of 9/11. Examples of profiling are derived from general minority experiences and specifically Arab/Muslim discrimination after 9/11.
# 4292 | 2,200 words | 4 sources | 2001 | US

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This paper presents a detailed examination of racial profiling. The writer addresses four scenarios and argues for or against their legal and moral foundation based on the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution. In addition to the writer's belief regarding each scenario, we are given key elements of the opposition's argument and the writer's rebuttal to that opposition.

From the paper:

"Following the attacks on America September 11, 2001, there were cries for revenge throughout the nation. Anyone who looked Muslim was endangered as Americans took their anger to the streets. Following the attack there were several instances in which pilots refused to fly planes until Muslim looking passengers were removed and angry residents threatened those who looked like one of "them". The initial rage died down and in its place we were given many new security measures that we have been told are for the good of national security. The measures boil down to legalized racial profiling in some cases. Racial profiling is not a new event. It has been around for many years. Racial profiling goes against everything the constitution of this nation stands for; yet in light of the attacks in New York, Americans are less vocal about it then they have been in the past. Now, instead of denouncing all profiling as unconstitutional and wrong, we find ourselves looking at individual profile scenarios and holding them against the constitution to see if we can slide them through. We have entered a new world since the attacks. It is a world in which we are trying to walk a much thinner line between protecting the safety of those who live here and protecting the constitution."

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