The Concept of Event-Based Processes Analytical Essay by Masters

The Concept of Event-Based Processes
An in-depth examination of enterprise resource planning and business process re-engineering.
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Published on Oct 25, 2015 in Computer and Technology (General)

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"The unparalleled growth of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) has influenced all facets of software applications across the organizations. Concurrently, the business environment has become increasingly complex and functional entities requiring more and more inter-functional dataflow for strategic decision making, timely and efficient procurement of their products, accounting and finance, inventory management, sales and distribution, services management, human resources management and data analysis. In this kind of situation, management of organizations needs efficient and accurate information systems to improve competitiveness and sustain competitive advantage by cost reduction, better logistics and above all, timely and effective decision making. It is universally acknowledged by all enterprises, that the capability of obtaining the right information at the right time brings remarkable rewards to organizations in this global competitive world of complex business entities.
"To gain these benefits, organizations set their eyes on ERP systems. The ERP is the acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Started in late 1980s and the beginning of 1990s, these systems have surfaced the market, targeting only large and complex business practices. These powerful and expensive proprietary systems are complete off-the-shelf business solutions which require consultants to tailor their complex configuration and implement them according to the companies' requirements. In several cases, companies are required to re-engineer their business processes to adapt the logic of the ERP modules for streamlining the data flow throughout the organization. Unlike the previous generation of in-house- developed company specific systems, these large software solutions are commercial packages with multi-module integration and suitable for tailoring/customizing and adding up new add-ons as and when required.
"Even more challenges for the ERP vendors to redesign the software packages, breaking the obstruction of proprietary rights and customization to embrace the collaborative business environments in a seamless way over the internet, extranet and intranet has been brought by the exceptional growth of the computing power and the internet. It is a never-ending process of re-engineering, designing and development of new products and solutions to the ERP market. The need for software solutions with open architecture and interchangeable modules with more efficient business functions processing, customization, user interfacing have been recognized by the ERP vendors and customers (Rashid, Hossain and Patrick, 2002). "

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