The British Empire and the Middle East Analytical Essay by Nicky

The British Empire and the Middle East
This paper looks at the British Empire and the Middle East as a partnership in instability.
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In this article, the writer discusses that the imposition of the British in the Middle East during the first part of the 20th century left a legacy of inequality, instability and conflict. The writer maintains that the state of Israel today is perhaps the crowning achievement of the British Empire, representing the height of its ineptitude and the extent to which its self-interested exploitation is perpetuated in many of the world crises which we currently face together. The writer discusses that peace between Pakistan and India remains a lofty dream as does the arrival of peace to the civil strife in Iraq. The writer concludes that in all of these contexts, the violence and instability which persists can be traced through a steady pattern of unresolved shortcomings to statehood, correlated to the manner in which Britain first dismantled territories and subsequently thrust them into the glaring light of self-determination.

From the Paper:

"Though this would function to stimulate vast economic acceleration and technological advancement for Britain throughout the course of the century, its cultural and economic mission would prove to be the last gasp of a passing world order. Though Great Britain's reign was remarkable in its sheer geographic enormity - perhaps coming as close as has any nation to truly achieving total global domination - its impressiveness was a glittering relic. It would come to conflagration with the austere power of industrial development which, in direct juxtaposition to the uncomfortable lordship inherent in international colonialism and domestic feudalism, would be a completely natural economic imperative. The result would be a gradual drawback of British power, with its influence and occupation in so many parts of the world receding home and leaving a host of independent nations, fledgling democracies and powerless territories in its wake. The outcome would be both the positive transition of many nations toward freedom and progressive orientation, and for as many more nations, a descent into chaos and conflict. Indeed, these qualities are the legacy of the British Empire in the Middle East and elsewhere."

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