The Brain and the Acquisition of Language Analytical Essay by Patrick James Lontoc

Looks at the brain as the processor for developing language skills in children, especially in written form.
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This paper reviews B.F. Skinner's behaviorist theory and in particular Noam Chomsky's generativist theory, which explain how children acquire language skills. The paper relates that the human nervous system and the brain are responsible for the development of language because chemical impulses, which are sent by the nervous system, make the individual aware of her environment. The paper then clarifies the connection of the brain to written language by focusing on how the brain's hemispheres affect motor skills that are essential in the writing process.

Table of Contents:
Language Acquisition Theories
Chomsky's Language Acquisition Theory
The Brain and the Human Nervous System
The Brain's Hemispheres

From the Paper:

"The cerebral cortex is also the most highly developed part of the human brain and is attributed to brain functions that are responsible for perceiving, thinking, understanding and producing knowledge. Lobes within the cerebral cortex have also their own specific areas of functions such as those associated with the five senses. The left cerebral cortex is associated with the language abilities.
"It is estimated that about 98 percent of right-handers accomplishes most language processing functions mainly because of their brain's left hemisphere."

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