"The Black Swan" and Sigmund Freud Analytical Essay

"The Black Swan" and Sigmund Freud
Analyzes the rise and fall of Nina Sayers as an artist in the movie "Black Swan" using Sigmund Freud's theory of psychoanalysis.
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Using the character of Nina Sayers from the movie "Black Swan", this paper presents and discusses the probable effects of both ego and sexual drive repression on the individual together with its relationship with the person's living environment as well as issues on parental neglect.

From the Paper:

"The unfailing clashes among her id, her ego and her superego sent her to suffer of psycho-neuroses. But slowly, she is not only detached from what is morally correct. She has detached herself from what is real as well. From her neurosis, she borders into schizophrenia. Schizophrenia detaches the individual from reality. Instead of concrete jives between real ideas and situations, schizophrenics see them in an abstract if not riddling way. The Black Swan within her has slowly eaten her up and it has triumphed in the end. From neurosis, she went into schizophrenia and then finally the id emerged."

Sample of Sources Used:

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