The Battle of Fundamental Islam Analytical Essay

The Battle of Fundamental Islam
Discusses the war raging between fundamentalist and moderate Muslims.
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This paper discusses some of the issues dividing fundamentalist and moderate Muslims today. It introduces some of the central figures and principles of both camps. The paper also describes some of the challenges facing Muslim countries in the Middle East; including the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, the war in Iraq and the Palestinian question. After comparing the fundamentalist agenda, which would impose Sharia (religious) law through any means including violence, to the moderate agenda which stresses living a moral life being a positive asset to modern society, the paper suggests a number of steps to be taken to encourage moderation.

Who are the Radicals?
Who are the Open Minded?
The Battlefield
Democracy in the Middle East
The Fundamentalists Agenda
Moderate Agenda
Christian Evangelism
Moving an Undecided to a Moderate

From the Paper:

"In the past ten years, Americans have been setting their sights on the world of Islam. We slowly have educated ourselves about what Muslims believe and what they do not believe. With this education, a sense of confusion and fear has settled in the hearts of many Americans. There are a few questions that all are asking. The seemingly most important question has to do with whether or not Muslims hate Americans and want to kill them. With the disaster of 9/11 many people received their answer. Over time, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to fight my feelings of fear and animosity towards the Islamic world is to try to understand them.
"There is a war being waged right now for the hearts of Muslims. We have seen fundamentalist Islam take its most evil form in events such as the devastation of the World Trade Center and several people losing their lives for speaking against it. Every individual in the Muslim world is slowly moving toward committing a stance on where they stand on the issue of faith. What they believe about the Quran and the world around them will affect whether or not they will become a fundamentalist. Most Muslims have not decided whether or not they will embrace fundamentalism. They are in the process of choosing. On one side there is the fundamentalists pulling Muslims to accept their philosophies, and then there is another group, moderates, who are also trying to win them to their side. In this paper, I will take a look at the issues on both sides and try to come up with some sort of solution that will help empower the moderates and lessen the strength of the fundamentalists."

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