The American Empire: Composition and Contingency Analytical Essay by Grahamdubya

The American Empire: Composition and Contingency
The paper examines the question as to whether America today can be classified as an empire.
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The author of the paper poses the following question: Can America be considered an empire? The author begins by defining what, in his opinion, defines an empire. He then proceeds to examine the foreign policy and actions of the United States in the past and specifically since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 before reaching his final conclusion.

From the Paper:

"While it may not actually serve as a breeding ground for terrorism, the Israel-Palestine conflict has been used by al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and numerous other Islamic terrorist groups to justify their actions and to gain recruits. With an end to that numbing struggle, the Middle East can 'move on.' The 'Road Map to Peace,' so vaunted in the early days of the Bush Administration, has clearly been supplanted by the 'War on Terror.' This crisis needs to be resolved, though. The current Israeli pulling out of the settlements in the West Bank is a good start, and horrible as it may sound, Yasir Arafat's impending demise may prove to be a good thing in the long run. Israel certainly needs to show understanding and willingness to compromise, however. Allowing Arafat to be buried in the city of Jerusalem would be a good start. A good next step would be a withdrawal to pre-1967 borders. Of course, Israel and Palestine must solve these crises themselves if this peace is to last. When it does, however, the Middle East will be a safe haven for democracy to take root."

Sample of Sources Used:

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