The American Civil War and Its Causes Analytical Essay

A historical exploration of the causes and outcomes of the American Civil War.
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Published on Nov 14, 2010 in Political Science (U.S.) , History (U.S. Civil War 1860-1865)

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This paper explores the causes of the American Civil War, asserting that they can be traced back to a mixture of issues dating from the years of the country's colonization. The paper specifies that the major causes of this war include, but are not limited to, slavery, the economic and social differences between the South and the North, 'bleeding Kansas,' abolitionists, John Brown's raid, the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the beginning of secession, the collapse of the two-party political system, rights of the states, slavery in different territories, fights between non-slave and slave-state proponents, and control of the government by the southern politicians. The paper explains that the Northerners had a view that slavery denied the human being the right of being free, whereas the Southerners even preached that slavery was accepted in the Bible. The paper concludes that this difference in view eventually led to the attack on slavery in the South, and spread its fight into the acquired new territories.

From the Paper:

"Invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793 saw cotton farming becoming the most profitable business in the South. This machine largely reduced the time it took separating cotton from the seeds, thus increasing the number of large farms switching to cotton farming from other crops. This move, however, called for an increase in labour, and cheap labour would only be gotten from one source - the slaves. The Southern economy started depending solely on cotton as a one crop economy thus more dependence on slavery. The Northern economy, on the other hand, was based on industry and not agriculture. This enabled them to purchase raw cotton from the South and turn it into finished products. The North moved towards city life as the South based itself on the system of plantation. The South held to a social order which was antiquated whereas, on the other hand, the change found in the North produced a society of people of varied classes and cultures working together."

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