The American Budget Deficit. Analytical Essay by Sammy

The American Budget Deficit.
An in-depth examination of the American budget deficit and how it has been affected by different administrations and varying social conditions.
# 3936 | 1,520 words | 7 sources | 2001 | US

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In this paper the author examines the US Federal Budget during the Clinton administration and how he reduced the deficit to a surplus amount in 1998. He moves on to discuss the changing American economy and provides examples of why he considers that there are times in a nation's life when deficits are necessary and even beneficial. The author suggests that use of debt spending during wars and times of recession help to boost the economy but can be detrimental to the Stock Market. He further examines levels of taxation and compares the effect that different administrations have had on the federal deficit.

From the paper:

"Determining the correct, or economically benign, level of deficit and debt is a subject for endless debate. Economies do not operate by a simple law of cause and effect, of plus and minus, of deficit and surplus. They are complex interweaving of many economic and psychological factors, both domestic and international. Although a huge deficit is never to be praised, there are times in a nation's life when deficits are necessary and even beneficial."

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