Texting while Driving Analytical Essay by Carly Evans

This paper explores the phenomenon of texting while driving, looking at how risky it is; how prevalent it is; and which drivers, if any, engage in the practice.
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This paper first reveals that approximately 20-percent of drivers engage in texting while driving, and among teenagers that rate is much higher. The paper then goes on to explore how dangerous texting while driving is and cites studies that supports its findings. The paper focuses, in particular, on teens that text and drive and all of the implications of this practice, and concludes by looking at the emotional denial that surrounds texting while driving, among both teenagers and adults.

Texting and Driving - How Dangerous Is It?
Texting and Driving - How Prevalent Is It?
Teens Texting While Driving

From the Paper:

"Teenagers are particularly likely to send text messages while driving. They are at an age where social interaction is of paramount importance, but are not yet mature enough to fully understand the consequences of risky behavior. Therefore, they are the most vulnerable to the lure of a text message chime.

"Cell phone distractions are "especially dangerous for teen drivers because ... teens are the most inexperienced drivers of any group, and they also fall into the group that is most likely to use a cell phone and, particularly, text message while driving." [19]

"A study by SADD found that with regard to teen driving, you should "put the danger of text-messaging while driving right up there with drunken driving as Public Enemies No. 1 and 1A on the nation's roads."[20]"

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