Teenage Breast Augmentation Analytical Essay by Nicky

An examination of the legal and ethical issues concerning breast augmentation procedures on minor teenage girls.
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The paper explores the legal and ethical guidelines, rules and laws that control medical procedures on minors. The paper focuses on cosmetic surgery for minors and, more specifically, breast augmentation procedures on minor teenage girls, and addresses parental rights and responsibilities, the minor patient's rights, physician responsibilities/ethics, the medical necessity for the procedure and the subject of choice when it comes to medical care. The paper contends that breast augmentation procedures for minors, whether for purposes of low self-esteem or purely cosmetic, are not healthy and should be stopped, or a "cooling off" period should be required prior to a minor receiving the surgery with permission of a parent. The paper concludes by questioning why, if some European countries have adopted legislation banning the procedure, the U.S. has not done anything about it.

Introduction--A Death Causes Debate
On the Other Hand...
What Are The Issues?
Focus Statement
Parental Legal and Ethical Rights and Responsibilities
Minor's Legal and Ethical Rights and Responsibilities
The Surgeon's Legal and Ethical Rights and Responsibilities
Is There a Medical Necessity for This Procedure...Really?
Right to Choose?

From the Paper:

"U.S. Law does recognize the right of any "right-thinking" competent adult to make their own decisions about their health and any medical procedures or treatments performed on their own body. A child is not a "competent adult" and therefore it is not legal for a child to make such a decision. Modern day specialists in ethics would argue that younger children have the right to say yes to medical procedures, and teens must consent to them. However, laws and court proceedings clearly place the decision-making rights in the hands of the parents.
"The law states that the competent parent or guardian is free, and is expected to, choose among whatever medical procedures or treatments are available and select the most appropriate one for the circumstances, and the one that is in the best interests of the child.
"This can be both good and bad. It is inherent in the right of a parent to make choices for their minor children including medical procedures and so it is good that it is the parent who must make the decision. On the other hand, it is possible that a parent is making decisions that they feel are in their own best interests according to how they would like their child to look or behave."

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