Stuttering and Children Analytical Essay by Nicky

Stuttering and Children
The etiology and treatment of childhood stuttering.
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Published on Aug 25, 2011 in Communication (Language and Speech) , Child, Youth Issues (General)

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This paper defines stuttering as a speech fluency problem found primarily in school-age children. It differentiates between primary and secondary symptoms that often accompany it. The paper suggests a number of possible causes of stuttering and suggests that both inborn and environmental factors may play a role. After discussing the possible effects of stuttering on the social and cognitive development of the child, the author discusses the various treatment methods available.

Effects on social and cognitive development

From the Paper:

"Converging theory suggests that the cause of shuttering is multi-factorial, inclusive of genetic, neuro-physiological and psychological causes that render a child to have poor speech fluency. Even though research evidence does not show that concern or conflicts constitute the reason behind stuttering or that person who suffer from stuttering have higher levels of psychological disturbances compared to those with other forms of speech and language disorders, stuttering can be aggravated by certain traumatic situations. The other theories regarding the cause of stuttering cover organic as well as learning models. Organic models cover those that concentrate on unfinished lateralization or abnormal cerebral dominance. A lot of studies using EEG revealed that stuttering males had a problem of right-hemispheric alpha suppression across stimulus words and assignments while non-stutterers had left-hemispheric suppression. Some studies of stutterers have observed an excessive representation of left-handedness as well as ambidexterity. (Sadock; Kaplan; Sadock, 2007)"

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