Stonehenge and its Mysteries Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

Stonehenge and its Mysteries
A discussion on the construction, technology and mystery of the Stonehenge.
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Published on Oct 02, 2003 in Architecture (Ancient)

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This paper explores the construction, enigma and current cultural role of the Stonehenge in Salisbury, England. The paper addresses the attempts to revive the stones, the scientific and historical interest in them, and the invading Romans' desecration of them, that all suggest that the stones are part not only of the British landscape but also a key part of British culture, identity and history. The paper discusses the speculations on the original function or meaning of Stonehenge and concludes that even while its origins remain a mystery, scholars have used it to reveal a great deal about the technology and construction processes, as well as the dedication and passion, possible for people in the Stone and Bronze Ages.

From the Paper:

"Stonehenge is the most famous megalithic monument in England, or indeed, perhaps in all the world. Dating from 3000-1000BC, or what is considered to be the late Stone and Bronze ages, this prehistoric monument of stones in located on Salisbury Plain in England, north of the town of Salisbury. The monument has long been considered a remarkable phenomenon, and has been depicted by various artists and in many different types of media. Part of what makes this structure so enigmatic and significant is the mystery surrounding it. While at first seemingly a simple circle of stones, a close look at the pattern shows not only that it is a rather complex structure, but that it is a monumental example of workmanship which would have taken many generations and a very advanced knowledge of technology to construct. What furthers the mystery is the lack of knowledge about the identity of the builders or the exact original use of the site, although, of course, theories about both are plentiful. Whatever the facts behind the Stonehenge enigma, however, it is clear that it is a work which not only reveals important information about life in England during the Stone and Bronze ages, but in its continuing impact on our consciousness and our culture, the Stonehenge also reveals a great deal about us."

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