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Stem Cells
An overview of the nature of stem cells, stem cell research, and the controversy surrounding the use of stem cells from human embryos.
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The different types of stem cell research involve the use of human eggs - and embryos - as intermediates and are at the center of controversy as to whether it should be considered human life. Recent advances are attempting to produce non-embryonic stem cells as well as address the said issue. This paper discusses the nature of stem cells, what they are, how they are produced and the issues surrounding them.

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"Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to develop and proliferate into more specialized cells such as neurons or skin cells. These specialized somatic cells comprise the different tissues and organs of the human body. The cloning process currently in use involves the use of the cellular machinery of an egg cell and the genetic material encoded in the nucleus of a somatic cell called somatic cell nuclear transplant (SCNT). First, the egg cell is secured to stabilize it. A needle is inserted into the egg to extract the nucleus and DNA."

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