Stem Cell Research and the Abortion Debate Analytical Essay by Nicky

An examination of the changing legal conditions surrounding stem cell research in light of its relationship to the issue of abortion.
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The paper discusses President Bush's ban on federal funding of stem cell research and explains how it was motivated by a sense of the correlation between abortion and stem cell research. The paper shows how President Bush's support of limiting stem-cell research was ideologically concurrent with the views of many supporters in the public, but then describes how many prominent advocates of stem cell research have helped to foster a positive media impression of the process. The paper demonstrates how the political tenor is beginning to shift more to the benefit of stem cell research, but asserts that the previous eight years have been a significant setback to the U.S. The paper concludes by arguing that a separation is needed between the abortion and stem cell research controversies.

From the Paper:

"Science and religion may find themselves frequently at odds with one another, divided by community perceptions of divergent interests. However, an analysis of a core issue within the context of bioethics suggests that, in fact, the interests of science and religion may be so inextricably linked as to engender the constant friction which is so often evident between them. Stem cell research is a topic which has been responsible for a great degree of such friction, in light of its enormous implications to our conception of the sanctity of human life. As it relates to the issues of reproduction, health and identity, the topic of stem cell research--and its implied religious, philosophical and ethical questions--has had the effect of provoking deeply emotional and culturally inescapable responses from various sectors and interested parties."

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