Solutions to the Problem of Evil Analytical Essay

Solutions to the Problem of Evil
A discussion on the resolutions to the philosophical issue of the problem of evil.
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Published on Nov 25, 2013 in Philosophy (General)

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The paper discusses the differences between natural and moral evil, and offers several resolutions to the problem of evil. The paper also points out the problems with these resolutions. This author concludes that the freewill defense may provide the best answer to the problem of evil. The author also notes, however, that answers to this issue are individual and subjective.

From the Paper:

"The problem of evil arises from a set of claims that are all alleged to be true. These claims are consistent with the belief that God is the most powerful being. The deity simultaneously allows evil to continue. Nevertheless, the problem of evil may simply resolved. In this paper I will argue that the problem of moral and natural evil may be solved by the freewill defense.
"The problem of evil may be specifically identified. Answers to a specific question are sought through the problem of evil. The question is "how can the simultaneous existence of evil and any given deity be explained?" (Stump, 2009). The deity may be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent (Stump, 2009).In other words, the deity has unlimited power, unlimited knowledge, and is completely good.
"There are numerous differences between natural and moral evil. Natural evil is unique because it is external to the agent (Stump,2009). This form of evil is caused by forces beyond an individual's control. The forces may be identified as a natural agent. Examples include natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes (Peterson, 1992). Meanwhile, moral evil is internal. This form of evil may be produced from morally erroneous human choices. Genocide provides an exemplification of moral evil (Peterson, 1992)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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