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An analysis of social structure and interaction - dramaturgy and social construction of reality in a formal work environment
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The study of sociology requires that it study the macro and micro aspects of it-that is, human society must be studied based on the social structures existing in the environment and social interaction happening among individuals and groups. To illustrate how sociology works in everyday human life, this paper brings into lucidity how the processes of dramaturgy and social construction of reality is operationalized in a formal workplace environment. For this paper, dramaturgy represents the social interaction among individuals and groups while the social construction of reality puts into context these human interactions into a larger framework, which includes social structures and institutions established in the society.

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"Dramaturgy or dramaturgical analysis, developed and introduced by Erving Goffman, is a sociological theory that posits that "social life is like a drama or stage play" (97). By this, Goffman means that individuals follow particular roles and adapt specific "scripts" through which they represent their own selves. Furthermore, this theory states that people maintain a "front stage" and "back stage," concepts that are synonymous with the idea of the public and private selves, respectively. The front stage or the public self is the personality or image that we want to project in public, which often is parallel with the role that the individual assumes in his/her society. The back stage, meanwhile, is the private self that is undisclosed to everyone except for the individual's family and close friends. The back stage self is often shown in the individual's moment of candor."

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