Sexual Morality in the United States Analytical Essay by Nicky

Sexual Morality in the United States
An analysis of how the sexual revolution in the United States in the second half of the 20th century changed many aspects of cultural values in the realm of sexual moral values.
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This paper discusses how human cultures exhibit wide variation in social norms in the realm of sexual expression despite some general common threads that typically equate male promiscuity with high social status while penalizing most aspects of sexual expression in females. In particular, it looks at how the sexual revolution in the United States in the second half of the 20th century did achieve meaningful changes in American sexual mores, but to a large extent, the gender-based sexual double standard as pertains to the morality of sexual expression have remained essentially unchanged. Males are still encouraged and socially rewarded for sexual conquests while females are subject to intensely negative social criticism for the same behavior.

Traditional Western Sexual Morality
The Sexual Revolution
Persistence of the Gender-Based Sexual Double Standard in the United States
Negative Social Consequences of Gender-Based Moral Values
Understanding Gender-Based Sexual Moral Values
Considering the Social Benefits of Establishing Uniform Sexual Moral Values

From the Paper:

"Ironically, this association between alcohol and social relations between the genders actually conflicts with the desire of females to comply with prevailing sexual mores to restrict themselves, as much as possible, to sexual relationships with a component of emotional intimacy. Ultimately, members of both genders learn through repeated experience that alcohol is virtually a prerequisite for engaging in social activities involving both genders to such a degree that many individuals in the prime of life become almost incapable of approaching (or responding to) members of the opposite sex in social situations without the benefit of alcohol (Kasl, 1997; Levant, 1997). Unfortunately, this component of American social mores only exacerbates the predatory nature of social overtures initiated by men and increases the vulnerability of the female to their advances."

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