Sexual Assault and Offenders Analytical Essay by scribbler

Sexual Assault and Offenders
Looks at complex issues regarding sexual offenses.
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This paper first reviews pieces of landmark legislation that have been enacted during the past decade, which strongly influence how the federal and state governments view sex offenders. Next, the paper explains the psychological effects on the rape victim, both during and after the assault, which are often severe and incalculable. The paper also examines how rape myths and misogynistic attitudes appear to play a major role in sexual assault.

From the Paper:

"The Massachusetts Treatment Center originally identified four categories of rapists: 1) misplaced aggression, 2) compensatory, 3) sexual aggressive and 4) impulsive rapists. Although these major categories still exist, MTC researchers have changed the classification system to include various sub categories The Massachusetts Treatment Center classification scheme offers a rough framework for conceptualization and simplify the behaviors and motives involved in rape. This scheme finds that rape offenders should now be classified into four major types and nine subtypes.
"Groth has developed a typology similar to that of MTC scheme. This proposal is based on the presumed motivations and aims that underlie almost all rapes. Rape is seen as a pseudo sexual act in which sex serves merely as a vehicle for the primary motivation of power and aggression. Groth argues that rape is never the result simply of sexual arousal, but is always as symptom of some psychological dysfunction, wither temporary or transient or chronic or repetitive.
"A major explanatory factor for many rapes is the attitudes about women and rape held by the perpetrators. Some researchers go so far as to say that these attitudes also are held by many individuals in the general population."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Bartol, Curt R. and Bartol, Anne M. (2010). Sexual Assault. Criminal Behavior: Psychological Approach. (p. 53-84). New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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