Serial Child Sex Offenders Analytical Essay by Nicky

This is an analytical paper defining child sex abuse and and the legal process in which it is handled.
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Published on Mar 08, 2012 in Child, Youth Issues (Child Abuse) , Criminology (General)

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This analytical paper discusses the various concerns and offenses of child abuse and child abusers. Looking the psychological factors in brief, this paper serves to create a definition of the offenses as well as help the reader understand the legal processes. The paper provides a character sketch of child abusers and the psychological factors that influence the way they react. The conclusion discusses the motivations of abusers and the factors that make the abused, the next generation of abusers.

Defining Sexual Abuse
Character Sketch of Child Sexual Abusers

From the Paper:

"Sexual arousal: With regards to sexual arousal, the theory states that the child sexual abuser can be sexually aroused by a child only when he himself has been culturally and socially conditioned to react in that particular way. This behavior is reinforced through frequent practices of masturbation.
"Emotional congruence: With regards to emotional congruence, the theory states that child sexual abusers feel very comfortable and content after they become close to their world-be victim. This is coupled with the desire to satisfy their lust through sexual abuse. Both, feelings of contentment and lust, cause the sexual abuser to abuse the child.
"Blockage: With regards to blockage, the theory states that the adult himself has not been engaged in any form of sexual activity for a number of reasons such as, having bad sexual experiences with other adults, dysfunctional sexual behavior, poor social skills, or familial troubles. This blockage heightens the lust of the perpetrators to go after children.
"Disinhibition: With regards to disinhibition, the theory states that the adult has no control over his feelings and his sexual abuse acts are primarily acted due to impulse and lack of control. This lack of control can be due to substance abuse, drinking, stress, psychosis, or family rules that barely exist."

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