Self-Racism Analytical Essay by misterhan

Investigates the causes of the growing trend of self-racism.
# 112645 | 945 words | 3 sources | MLA | 2009 | US

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This paper suggests that, rather than moving away from racism, society is moving backwards towards accepting racism to the extent that people even express racist attitudes towards people of their own ethnicity. Self-racism in African-American music and the use of the "n-word" are presented as examples of this trend . The author contends that this behavior is a way for African Americans to acknowledge each other as fellow African-Americans in a sense of togetherness. The paper concludes, therefore, that the major causes of self-racism are identity issues, due to the lack of acceptance of the different characteristics of others and, most importantly, of the individual, himself.

From the Paper:

"The usage of the "n-word" is gradually spreading throughout all young people, whether these individuals are African-American or not. The increased usage of this word is gradually "[deconstructing] the artificial social barriers put up by previous generations" and is taking away from the historical origin of the word (Abe). African-Americans often accept the usage of the altered form, "nigga" as a way of acknowledging each other as fellow African Americans in a sense of togetherness."

Sample of Sources Used:

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