Secret Service Scandal Analytical Essay by Carly Evans

An in-depth look at the US Secret Service scandal in Columbia that took place in April 2012 and its implications for the safety of the American president.
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In April, 2012, a scandal erupted in Cartagena, Colombia, when it became clear that a dozen United States Secret Service agents, sent to Colombia in advance of President Obama's trip there to attend the Summit of the Americas, had engaged a number of prostitutes, had taken the women back to their rooms, and had paid them for sex. This paper looks at the events surrounding the scandal. It details the accusations made against the agents, and explores how these events underscore a concern that the Service may be imbued with a culture of misbehavior that could potentially put the President or others at risk. This paper also looks at how the scandal has affected the public perception of the Service, and looks at other implications these events pose for the agency. It also looks at how the Service responded to the crisis, and concludes that if the newly instituted measures are unable to restrain its agents, the Secret Service's reputation will remain tarnished for some time.

Table of Contents:
The Accusations
Implications for the Secret Service
Implications for Presidential Security
Secret Service Response

From the Paper:

"Since the Colombia Secret Service scandal erupted in mid-April, 2012, concerns about a culture of behavior that could potentially put the American president at risk have swirled around Washington D.C. and elsewhere. Even though the prostitutes brought back to the rooms of high ranking agents had no connections to drug cartels or international terrorist organizations, the potential existed for such a thing to happen. Unless the changes the Service has already instituted, or will institute in the future, can ensure that agents will not engage in risky, foolish, and potentially hazardous behavior, the reputation of the Secret Service as an elite unit of dedicated men and women willing to lay their lives on the line will remain permanently tarnished."

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