School Drop-out Prevention Report Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

School Drop-out Prevention Report
This paper discusses the school dropout issue in the United States and also looks at possible preventive measures.
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In this article, the writer discusses that high school dropout rates have been steadily increasing in large American cities for over thirty years and now stand at more than fifty percent in some cities. The writer notes that this is a frightening harbinger because dropouts are left without the skills to attain gainful employment in modern society. This paper explores the problem of dropout rates in large American cities and looks at what can be done to improve them. The writer concludes that it is absolutely crucial that political and social leaders in cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, and Baltimore take steps to turn this trend around.

From the Paper:

"These statistics are largely a result of a middle-class flight out of the inner city since the late 1960s. With them went the middle-class jobs and the tax base that was essential for supporting urban school districts. Since the population that was left in the inner-city in places like Cleveland, Detroit, and Baltimore were largely under-educated minorities who did not have incomes suitable for sustaining inner-city schools, the inner city schools in these areas have been declining for more than thirty years. Therefore, it is imperative that these large cities find some way to reinvest in their schools in order to rejuvenate them. This can be done by reinvesting in cities in general and marketing an urban lifestyle that has become popular with Americans in their twenties. This investment will result in lower crime rates and higher employment for urban populations."

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