"Savage Inequalities" Analytical Essay by experts

"Savage Inequalities"
An look at the book "Savage Inequalities" by Jonathan Kozol which discusses racial inequalities in all American educational and cultural systems.
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This paper takes an in-depth look at the shocking book written by Jonathan Kozol which "exposes" the ugly underbelly of American society in terms of racial and social attitudes towards the lower classes. The book is analyzed chapter by chapter. The writer also examines the ramifications of the book.

From the Paper:

"In 1991, Jonathan Kozol became the published author of Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools. It's a dark and brilliant expose' of inequalities in race and caste institutionalized into the core of American culture, its cities, states, and even federal system. Many authors have surely written about the so-called plights of the poor and of racial minorities. However, it is almost impossible in many accounts to separate the personal failings of the poor from the institutional failings of the nation. Kozol's book makes it extremely simple by dealing particularly with a type of the poor and of the racial minorities which can in no way be feasibly blamed for their plights, nor considered victims of their own wills rather than that of the ruling class. He deals with children. As the book itself says, all children are naturally equal, for they have not earned any of the wealth nor poverty they inherit, nor do they control their fates in such a way that they may be accountable for them. By exploring the lives of children, then, we can see the truest, most terrible institutional inequalities."

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