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Romans VII, 14-16
An in-depth analysis of "Romans 7:14-16" from a historical and literary perspective.
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This paper provides an exegesis of a challenging passage in St. Paul's epistle to the Romans - "Romans 7:14-16". The paper briefly examines the socio-historical context of the passage, the immediate literary context and the meaning of some of the key words - principally the word "I" and the word "unspiritual." It analyzes the passage for its fundamental meaning and explores the theological considerations raised by the excerpt. Finally, the paper looks at the application of the passage to a practicing Christian looking for spiritual guidance in a complicated world.

Table of Contents:
Socio-historical background
Literary context
Word study
Passage analysis
Theological considerations

From the Paper:

"In the end, this paper has hopefully shed some light on a brief but challenging passage from St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. The paper has looked at the socio-historical background to the passage, at the pertinent literary context, at the words and meaning of Romans 7:14-16 and at the theological considerations these few lines raise. While the few dozen words lying at the heart of this exegetical exercise can be interpreted as a despondent analysis of human nature, they should be read instead as a call for eternal vigilance and as a reminder to Christians that the only escape from servitude to sin is complete subjection to the Will of God. In the final analysis, the Law sheds light on wrong-doing, but knowledge of evil and the actual act of rejecting evil, are two different things - though the former is necessary for the latter to occur."

Sample of Sources Used:

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