Psychological Research and Its Scientific Methodology Analytical Essay by Nicky

This paper discusses the science of psychology and the application of scientific methods to psychological research.
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In this article, the writer discusses that the scientific method and the basic differences of qualitative and quantitative data are the simple tools needed to conduct psychological research. The writer notes that constructing and testing a scientific theory requires a lot of forethought, first in all aspects of the scientific method. A question must be posed in a way that is answerable through observation and analysis; a careful hypothesis must be formed and then rigorously tested in order to determine its validity, and finally it must be decided whether a qualitative or quantitative analysis will best answer the question. The writer concludes that conducting careful and accurate psychological research is an essential component to the science of psychology.

From the Paper:

"None of these sciences of psychology would be possible, however, without the foundation of science itself: the scientific method. The scientific method is a way - perhaps the way - to gather information and use it to come to rational, objective, and verifiable conclusions. Without such a method in place for gathering evidence and testing hypotheses, there would be no reason to trust science. In fact, a careful application of the scientific method often ends up disproving former conclusion. That is one of the great beauties of the scientific method - it allows and even requires constant adjustment based on new evidence, and no problem is ever considered totally solved; instead, issues must be continually examined and re-examined, and knowledge constantly adjusted. But before this, it all starts with a question.
"Before any scientific endeavor can be undertaken, a scientific question must be posed. Questioning is the first step of the scientific method. Not all questions can be asked scientifically, however. In order to apply the scientific method to a questions, there have to be observable factors related to the phenomenon in question."

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