Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare Analytical Essay by Nicky

Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare
An analysis of the pros, cons, trends and implications of the policy of universal healthcare.
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The paper begins by discussing the benefits of a universal health care system, including the fact that it will free up doctors to concentrate on patients and healing rather than records, costs and paperwork and it will encourage patients to seek preventative treatment. The paper then discusses the arguments that government-run health care is inefficient and will not save lives, and spending money on universal health care programs will mean raising taxes and diverting funds away from other important sectors. The paper points out, however, that Americans are favoring universal healthcare like never before. The paper reaches the conclusion that universal healthcare is an important issue that must be deeply considered before it is implemented.

From the Paper:

"Those who believe that national healthcare is needed often cite the many Americans who die each year because they are insured--18,000 according to My Family Doctor Magazine (Whelan para 1). Dr Patrick Whelan, a practicing rheumatologist and the national executive director for the Catholic Democrats, says that it is not universal healthcare itself that raises questions, but instead how the policy would be paid for and how it would be enacted. He wonders how anyone could actually be opposed a system that would prevent many deaths of children minorities, and others who are unable to obtain health insurance. Generally, Whelan argues that people are opposed to a healthcare system that is completely government run like those in the UK. But this kind of healthcare system will never be a realty in the U.S., suggesting that U.S. universal healthcare would involve private corporations, tax dollars, and other compromises so the private sector and U.S. government could work together in order to ensure all have health insurance. In fact, Whelan states that "no major organizations or national political figures have advocated creating a system like Great Britain's, where the government owns all the facilities and employs all the doctors and nurses" (para. 2)."

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