Proliferation of Buddhism and Christianity Analytical Essay by Nicky

Proliferation of Buddhism and Christianity
This paper discusses commonalities in the proliferation of Buddhism and Christianity.
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In this article, the writer looks at the spreading of Buddhism and Christianity. The writer notes that each had very dedicated followers that considered it their responsibility to spread the holy word, and teach the values of the faith who had not yet been enlightened by the religion itself. The writer points out that some followers went to great measures in order to further strengthen their religion, connection with the converted, and the lands in which they inhabited. The writer first discusses the spreading and path of evolution of Buddhism. The writer then looks at the evolution of the Christian faith.

From the Paper:

"This promoted a sense of cultural enlightenment in India which sought to contend with issues of human equality, socialistic community support systems and equanimity in affairs of state. From here, its spread was inevitable and rapid, leaving India and taking firm root throughout Asia, such that even as it faded to the return influence of Hindu in India, it would become a dominant force in China, Japan and elsewhere. With China's ascendance to Tang authority roughly around the time of 600CE, the social and political value of Buddhism would become assured.
"In this regard, its path of evolution was not unlike Christianity from the time of its inception to the politically empowering moments of the reformation. Today, Christianity is the world's most dominant religion, with its institutions and its belief system levying an impact as great as any of history's philosophical or ideological phenomena. Its entrenchment in seats of world power and in the lives of nearly one-third of the world's population has seen it to a status which tends to obscure quite a tumultuous history."

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