Progression of Women throughout Time Analytical Essay by Nicky

Progression of Women throughout Time
An analysis of the progression of women's historical role.
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This paper discusses the historical role of women. It begins with a description of women's lives and the beginning of social movements in the 19th century. Susan B. Anthony is profiled to represent this period. The paper proceeds by depicting the changes in women's roles in the 20th century. Amelia Earhart and Rosa Louise Parks are used to illustrate the advances women made in their education, careers and the political sphere. The author argues that in spite of these advances women in the 21st century still face many of the same challenges that they faced in the past, especially with regard to discrimination and human rights.

Life in the 1800s
Temperance and Sufferage
Susan B. Anthony
During the 20th Century
The social and labor spheres of women
Amelia Earhart
Towards more active political participation
Rosa Louise Parks
21st century: Women in our Contemporary Society
Oprah Winfrey
Women and History: A Brief Analysis

From the Paper:

"We have seen that women, as a social group, have generated huge interests not only from the scientific, academic community but also from other progressive sectors of the society. Women are very much a part of our everyday lives - they are our mothers, sisters, or daughters but they are also a part of the grander scheme of society that stigmatizes women. Sociologists, for example, found it useful to label women as minority group because it is a basic social fact that women are discriminated against because of their physical characteristics (Henslin 93).
"It is in this light that the author aims to fully understand the many facets of womanhood in history and society. Moreover, the author believes that this can be fully achieved by understanding the historical role of women - the many directions that led women to where they are right now.
"This objective can be achieved by discussing women in the context of social and labor roles as well as their achievements in the field of progressive and liberation movements to name a few. This work shall also provide profiling information on some notable names in gender history, such as Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Oprah Winfrey to better situate women and their achievements in their respective periods in history."

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